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We certainly have our food fights here at DailyKos.  We all have our favorite issues, and of course my issues should have top priority, and we may disagree with which candidate should get more attention and which should get less.  We even get mad at the candidates we elected because they're not paying enough attention to our favorite issue, or they don't have the godly power to turn everything the Republicans just wrecked around overnight.

But we sometimes forget where the real threat to our democracy and a fair and equitable society is coming from.  We also sometimes forget that we here at DailyKos have FAR, FAR, FAR more in common with each other than what we have with almost anyone from the Oligarch owned Republican Party.

So here's a small reminder of where we just came from.

And remember, GWB and Darth Vader Cheney would now be considered moderates in today's radicalized, anti-science, anti-intellectual GOP.  If we want any hope at all of saving our democracy from voter suppression laws or Supreme Court decisions that sell our democracy to Oligarchs and corporations, and if we want any hope at all of saving our planet and bringing economic fairness back to our society, we have to stop these radicals at every place we can.

Drag every person you can to the polls in Nov. and let's not forget who wrecked this car!

UPDATE: Many comments are pointing out that the graphic above has an error concerning the Medicare part D quote of "$1trillion/year".  There were estimates early in the program that it might be $1 trillion over 10 years.  It seems hard numbers are hard to find, but here's what I found. It's from politifact so take it for what's it worth.

On Nov. 20, 2003, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated that Part D’s gross cost would total $409.8 billion from 2004 through 2013.


That report’s forecasts included a prediction that Part D’s general revenue outlays from 2013 through 2022 could total $852 billion...

So although I strongly disagree with how the Republicans did Medicare part D and believe the Dems would have done it much better, and even though they didn't fund it and I consider that to be a "starve the beast" approach, that $trillion/year is incorrect and should be more like $50 billion.  And as Senator Everit Durkson supposedly said, A billion here and a billion there and soon your talking about real money.
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