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Last week word began to leak through Republican ranks of disheartening polls for their candidates in Kansas.   Democrats could feel it - something was beginning to change in our state and still we didn't know if you could believe the leaked numbers we were hearing about.

Well, today, SurveyUSA one upped them.  In a poll released today, Paul Davis, Democratic Challenger Leads Sam Brownback +8, 48-40.

WICHITA, Kansas – There are only three months remaining until the November election, and the KSN News Poll conducted exclusively for KSN-TV by SurveyUSA still shows Kansas Governor Sam Brownback losing to his Democratic challenger, Paul Davis.

In that race, Davis leads Brownback 48% to 40% with a margin of error of +/- 2.9%.

SurveyUSA interviewed 2,400 Kansan adults from July 17 – 22. Of those, 2,079 were registered to vote. Of the number of people registered, 1,208 voters were determined to be likely to vote in the General Election on November 4.

While the Republicans work hard to spin the numbers, there are some real disasters at work here:

In a breakdown, the poll reveals the older you are, the less you like Governor Sam Brownback. He trails by 20 points among seniors, and trails by 13 points among those age 50 to 64.

Davis said he is pleased his lead is holding, and he plans to continue his campaign of building coalitions.

“Well, I’ve got a 12 year record of bringing Democrats and Republicans together and building coalitions, and I think we need to have somebody in the Governor’s office who is committed to bi-partisanship,” Davis told KSN.

That's right.  Seniors.  The elderly have turned against Brownback.   They have turned against him in a big way - +20.   Paul Davis isn't a Democrat reliant on Youth Voters.. he wants older voters who are upset at the lack of medicaid expansion and frustrated at hospital funding problems under Kancare to show up.

There is change a foot in Kansas - I have spent the day fielding phone calls about events in Hutchinson, Emporia, Hays..

A lot of us have spent the last year, and we have spoken to Kansans all over the state.   They believe change.  They hunger for it.  And now is the time for the nationals to look at Kansas and say: this isn't a blip, this is absolutely for real.

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