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Each year the US gives Israel $3.1 Billion in military assistance.  There are 2 money streams:  $800 million of this $3.1 billion enables Israel to buy arms from its own manufacturing within its borders.  The balance of $2.3 billion military aid is for Israel to buy American made arms here in the USA.  Got that?  You and I are not only subsidizing the atrocities in Gaza, but we are enriching the Military-Industrial Complex here at home. What a sweet deal.  
Israel keeps electing right wing governments due  their extremist religious groups.  And I have no doubt there are liberal citizens within Israel who are ashamed of what their government is doing--we here in the US felt the same when we invaded and occupied Iraq.  But it is time to do more than express 'concern' about the slaughter happening in Gaza that we are underwriting.  We need to call our Senators and Representatives and demand our military aid to Israel be suspended.  I would request that this $3.1 billion be re-directed to the rebuilding of Gaza.  
The numbers come from David Corn: How America Finances the Destruction in Gaza—and the Cleanup.    

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