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I couldn't believe my ears a half hour ago. I'd promised one of the fine members of the up and coming generation a bribe to go to her piano lesson involving fries and a chicken sandwich from the Whataburger. She likes to hear Top 40, so I am constantly switching between two stations depending on what is being played (or spun, as we said back in da day). It is a really bad left hand turn during rush hour, even in a small southern metro area, as I get my car out a little bit too far and am wedged between thankfully slow moving traffic going both ways, not exactly in the correct lane, while this youngin' gives me turning advice at the same time she is dictating which station to play and whether to get it fried or grilled (fried, naturally).

Then, low and behold, I heard the magic, emanating from the very white and very southern DeeJay: "Let's us regular 99 percenters ..." and I was so shocked, and so stuck in traffic, that I pretty much stopped listening to what he was saying after that (but it did not seem to be sarcastic or anything bad such as the prelude to an Obama joke--real natural like he meant it, and did not seem to be in fear he'd get shot for sayin' it), as I explained to the youngin' that it really did not help and might get us all killed to give me turning advice, seein' as how she can't drive and all and I am doing the best I can, and she needs to stop.

She felt bad. I proceeded to buy her the junk food. Now I am home and typing you this leetle blurb. I ate at least half of it, so it may not even spoil her healthy dinner. Enjoy.

I know that Occupy was supposed to have fixed all our problems and that it is such a total failure because it did not do so. For some people, it was supposed to have even ended crap like I just bought to eat. So, things are not yet perfect, I get it, and it is all Occupy's fault.

But we are winning over the cultural conversation of at least one Anglo-USian Top 40 DeeJay in the Deep South, and that's something. Uuumm good.

We have cracked the code. Gramsci would be so proud. The Deep South is now ours. Viva la fricking revolucion people. We have made the Top 40 stations, or at least one FM station, in the Deep South. Perhaps tomorrow, AM stations and a General Strike! Our sly plan to rule the world is working!

That is all. Something that is supposed to resemble the Harry Potter theme is being played on a nearby piano. Good day. ....... One more thing:

Oh, and yes, I realize the irony that I, a card-carrying Democratic Socialist sometimes buy junk food at a corporate junk food vending restaurant to placate youngin's and sometimes also to relieve stress. Micky-D's has much better milkshakes for my money, but Whataburger is on the way home.

So, yes, I am a pious hypocrite since my plan for the world involves imposing command-control vegetarianism on everyone and tearing down all of the Whataburger signs and Golden arches. So, yes ...

but I am still happy this fine quasi-Spring day. Burp.

Originally posted to Anti-Capitalist Chat on Thu Apr 10, 2014 at 03:38 PM PDT.

Also republished by Hellraisers Journal, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and Community Spotlight.

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