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United Nations General Assembly
While we spend many hours and days talking about the things this country does in the name of democracy, the UN had a few things to say about us.

I wondered how long it would take other nations to point to us in shame and here is the report... Citing our violations of human rights and war on the poor.

I really don't know how we dare to call ourselves a republic of democracy after reading not from this blog but from the committe's report from the United Nations.   This should embarass every right winged and sold out politician in America.  Where is the beacon of light on the hill?  I guess I will have to talk more to Native Americans and their endurance, as we are all Indians now..if we are poor.  I am married to an Indian so he feels we are on a slipery slope of the Trail of Tears revisited.

Some things cited in the report.

1. The Committee considered the fourth periodic report of the United States of America (CCPR/C/USA/4 and Corr.1) at its 3044th, 3045th and 3046th meetings (CCPR/C/SR/3044, CCPR/C/SR/3045 and CCPR/C/SR/3046), held on 13 and 14 March 2014. At its 3061st meeting (CCPR/C/SR/3061), held on 26 March 2014, it adopted the following concluding observations.

A. Introduction
2. The Committee welcomes the submission of the fourth periodic report of the United States of America and the information presented therein. It expresses appreciation for the opportunity to renew its constructive dialogue with the State party’s high level delegation which included representatives of state and local governments on the measures that the State party has taken during the reporting period to implement the provisions of the Covenant. The Committee is grateful to the State party for its written replies (CCPR/C/USA/Q/4/Add.1) to the list of issues (CCPR/C/USA/Q/4), which were supplemented by the oral responses provided by the delegation and for the supplementary information provided to it in writing.
this is one of many things in the report..

Paragraph 19 is specifically about treatment of the homeless:

Criminalization of homelessness

19. While appreciating the steps taken by federal and some state and local authorities to address homelessness, the Committee is concerned about reports of criminalization of people living on the street for everyday activities such as eating, sleeping, sitting in particular areas etc. The Committee notes that such criminalization raises concerns of discrimination and cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment (arts. 2, 7, 9, 17, and 26).
The State party should engage with state and local authorities to: (a) abolish criminalization of homelessness laws and policies at state and local levels; (b) ensure close cooperation between all relevant stakeholders including social, health, law enforcement and justice professionals at all levels to intensify efforts to find solutions for the homeless in accordance with human rights standards; and (c) offer incentives for decriminalization and implementation of such solutions, including by providing continued financial support to local authorities implementing alternatives to criminalization and withdrawing funding for local authorities criminalizing the homeless.
What few positive things I read only pertained to some things done in this current administration.

The United Nations revealed March 26, they found the US to be cruel and inhuman

See link

From the report there was much discussion of the degrading of the poor.

There was citing of the lack of justice.  They spoke of the racial profiling and the
homeless problem.  I read the report and really shook my head.   It means a lot to read our diaries.. It shames me to read something like many of us would diary from THE UNITED NATIONS.

This has been a topic of discussion as well.

Jerome Murdough, a 56-year-old, mentally-ill homeless veteran, was just trying to stay alive during a New York City cold snap when he thought he found his spot: a stairwell leading to a roof in a Harlem public housing project.

But that desperate act set in motion a nightmare ride through New York's criminal justice system that would end with Murdough dying of heat stroke in a Riker's Island jail cell. New York officials now say the system failed Murdough every which way.

When he was discovered, he should have been offered shelter. When he was arraigned, he should not have been slapped with $2500 bail. When, unable to make bail, he ended up in jail, Murdough, because he was on medication for a mental condition, should have been monitored every 15 minutes, not left unwatched for at least four hours. It was during that untended time that Murdough, as an official told the Associated Press, "basically baked to death."

Now, as New York officials discuss "the tragedy" of last month and scapegoat one Riker's Island guard for Murdough's death — suspending him for 20 days — the United Nations has taken notice

Anyone feel like singing a few bars of God Bless America or how about telling our troops how the enemy is  jealous for our freedoms.  

If this has been diared , I apologize for duplication but it is the first time I have seen this.

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