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Jeff Stein reports @ Newsweek on this very interesting story:

It’s probably nothing, but the office of a major Washington, DC national security whistleblowers organization was broken into last week.

The intruder or intruders left dozens of computers and other valuable office equipment untouched but jimmied open a file cabinet at the Project on Government Oversight, a private organization that has conducted several sensitive investigations in recent months, including a critical report on a controversial Pentagon leak investigation.

The Washington Metropolitan District Police report on the Feb. 11-12 overnight incident listed its probable cause as “occupation,” which means that it was “related to the kind of business” POGO conducts, not ordinary theft, an MPD spokeswoman told Newsweek.

'Probably nothing' is not exactly what I would consider the break in to be, especially considering the type of work done by these organizations.


believes in transparency and accountability throughout the federal government. We work with whistleblowers and other inside sources, and access information through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), to shed light on the government's activities. Our goal is not only to expose problems, but also to propose solutions and work toward their implementation.

Founded in 1981, the Project On Government Oversight (POGO) is a nonpartisan independent watchdog that champions good government reforms. POGO’s investigations into corruption, misconduct, and conflicts of interest achieve a more effective, accountable, open, and ethical federal government.

Stein reports on another break in:
Three years ago, in another heretofore unreported incident, burglars broke into the Washington offices of the Government Accountability Project, which offers legal support to whistleblowers—including, since last summer, NSA leaker Edward Snowden. In the Jan. 6, 2011 incident, the burglars seemed interested in just a few of the computers among the dozen or so in the office. Of the six stolen, two belonged to GAP’s national security attorneys, and one to its legal director, according to GAP President Louis Clark. No culprits have been arrested.
The GAP may be familiar to DKOS 1)because we are all really smart and 2) our very own and very awesome Jesselyn Radack is their National Security & Human Rights Director.

Marcy Wheeler has already posted on the Stein article at her blog and talks about the timing in conjunction with the Wikileaks investigation as well as the revelation that someone seems to be trying to get them to accept illegal documents:

This was the period when the WikiLeaks investigation was heating up, as was the Jeffrey Sterling prosecution. Several months later, Thomas Drake would get his plea deal.

In addition, in recent months, someone has been trying to deal GAP classified documents.


In the months since the group’s association with the fugitive leaker began, Clark said, “We have had a highly suspicious person twice try to give us so-called ‘classified’ documents.” Because the group is not a news organization, accepting classified documents could leave it open to prosecution.
It’s not surprising that weird stuff is happening to Raddack’s organization as she assist Snowden. But this does seem like a setup. Troubling.
'Troubling' does indeed seem more appropriate than 'probably nothing'.

1:47 AM PT: A pattern seems to emerge:

A Texas law firm representing the State Department whistleblower behind recent federal complaints fell victim to a daring break-in last week, in which the suspects reportedly made off with computers but left behind other valuables.

A report by Fox affiliate KDFW shows security camera footage of two individuals entering a large office building in Dallas. Once inside, the duo reportedly made a bee-line for the offices of Schulman & Mathias. The firm represents Aurelia Fedenisn, the former investigator at the State Department's Office of the Inspector General who last month released documents accusing top officials at the department of covering up allegations that their colleagues had engaged in sexual assault, drug use and solicitation of underage prostitutes.

While numerous other office suites were accessible at the time, the burglars appeared to be interested only in the Schulman & Mathias law offices. They entered through a vacant suite by punching a large hole in a conjoining wall. Once inside, they broke into filing cabinets and eventually made off with three laptop computers, leaving behind other expensive electronic devices and valuables.

3:13 AM PT: Jesselyn Radack has tweeted more. Hopefully she will post a diary about this.

Jesselyn Radack ‏@JesselynRadack 8h

In break-in at my office, @GovAcctProj, my & @Kath_McClellan's computers taken during height of @Thomas_Drake1 case.

3:36 AM PT: Radack is also being targeted for questioning @ airports:

A lawyer who represents National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden and has spoken on his behalf numerous times was detained while going through customs at Heathrow airport in London.

Jesselyn Radack told Firedoglake she was directed to a specific Heathrow Border Force agent. He “didn’t seem interested” in her passport. She was then subjected to “very hostile questioning.”

She also mentions being put on a 'inhibited persons' list. Human Rights lawyer Jen Robinson has also been subject to this abuse.  
Meantime, lawyers, activists… hell, let’s call them what they are, troublemakers — get harassed without anyone with any authority having to front up and accept responsibility. It’s all part of the constant process of delegitimising dissent.

Originally posted to LieparDestin on Sat Feb 22, 2014 at 01:06 AM PST.

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