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Hi, is this Sherman?  Sherman, this is Darrell Issa.  I see you're undecided on who to vote for in CA-36.  Have you heard of Brian Nestande?  Oh, I know about his vote to raise taxes but he's running because he's going to help us repeal Obamacare.  You're excited to hear that?  Great, we're thankful for your support.
Have I said countless times before in previous diaries that Darrell Issa never fails to disappoint any Republican candidate running for office as far as fundraising?

Now it seems no matter what kind of candidate Issa supports, it doesn't matter as all he really seems to be interested in is helping the candidate stop Obamacare, "controversies and failures" like Fast & Furious and Nancy Pelosi obstructionists.

Here's a fundraising letter apparently given to supporters of Brian Nestande via e-mail from Darrell Issa:

Subject: Endangered Species: California Republicans
Special message from Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA)   

Friend,As you know, California may not seem like a place where the GOP is thriving, but there is a great chance to take a liberal Democrat from a Republican seat in 2014.Republican State Assemblyman Brian Nestande is running for California’s 36th Congressional District that covers parts of Riverside County, including the Coachella Valley.Brian is running for Congress in a district described as a “toss-up” seat, one of only 9 in the entire country.  This is one of only two seats in California where there is an incumbent in a district that Republicans have a registration advantage.This is our opportunity to take the GOP off the “endangered species” list in California.

Proven political leader, businessman, and family man, Brian is the ideal candidate for the job.  Since being elected to the state legislature in 2008, he has focused on increasing transparency and accountability in the state budget and reforming the regulatory environment that is driving job creators out of California.

As the Chief Congressional oversight watchdog, I have taken the lead to get to the bottom of fraud and corruption in D.C.  With Democratic-led controversies and failures like “Fast and Furious” and Obamacare, I know that electing folks like Brian will keep government more accountable and not thwarted by Nancy Pelosi obstructionists.

Brian stands for small businesses, taxpayers, and hard-working families.

His opponent, freshman Democrat Raul Ruiz, M.D., is an Obamacare supporter backed by Pelosi and D.C. liberals. That is not the leader that this district needs.

Both the NRCC and DCCC will be heavily involved in this race.  In fact, the NRCC recently named Brian to its “Young Guns” program, one of only 35 Republican challengers nationwide.

The time is now to take back California’s 36th Congressional District.

Stand with me in supporting Brian Nestande for Congress with a contribution of $25,
$50, $100, or the maximum of $2,600.  Democrats will be doing everything they can to keep this seat in order to continue the Obama agenda — it is that crucial.
We expect Pelosi and Reid super PACs to pour money into the district for Ruiz.

Support Brian today with a contribution — even $5 or $15 helps!
Brian is running to bring common sense values like lower taxes and less regulation to Capitol Hill.  The endless corruption, failures, and spending led by Democrats need to end.  Every dollar counts in what is expected to be a very expensive and hard-fought race.

Thank you for being a patriot.  With your support, we can put CA-36 back into good hands!


Congressman Darrell Issa
California’s 49th Congressional District
The House GOP’s Chief Watchdog

P.S. Election season is underway.  We can send a proven leader to Congress that will stand for you.  Can you chip in $15 or more to support Brian and help take back California? Your support will make a huge impact with the challenges ahead in 2014.

First off, just to correct Darrell Issa, Congressman Raul Ruiz really isn't liberal.  He's a moderate Democrat.

There's just ONE problem with Darrell Issa's fundraising pitch e-mail to supporters of Brian Nestande for Congress:  Brian Nestande voted to increase taxes in the California State Assembly and resigned as Republican Caucus chair as a result of that.  

Given the toss-up classification of CA-36 and the anti-tax mentality of the GOP across the board particularly in California, this could backfire on Nestande and even Issa if he's not too careful.

Or maybe it just doesn't matter what Congressional Candidate you are as long as you get support from Mr. Investigator himself:

Another Republican legislator is paying the price for voting with the other side of the aisle.

California Assemblyman Brian Nestande (R-Palm Desert) committed the ultimate Republican sin and voted with Democrats to "increase taxes" with AB 1500 Monday. Less than 24 hours later, he stepped down as Republican Caucus Chair.

Nestande declined to say whether he chose to step down or was asked to by the Republican Assembly leader Connie Conway. Instead, he told the Sacramento Bee, "I understood the ramifications when I took the vote."

The assemblyman, along with assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, who recently left the Republican Party to become an independent, was the only non-Democrat to vote for the bill. Nestande said his was the deciding vote, giving Democrats the two-thirds majority they needed to send the bill on to the Senate.

And Nestande's statement at the time for his vote to increase taxes:

Today I am stepping down as Republican Caucus Chair. I cast a vote yesterday as the only Republican to level the playing field for California businesses, so we have the same corporate tax policy as Texas, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Mississippi, Michigan, Indiana, Utah, and 10 other states. I specifically named those states because they have Republican Governors that are considered leaders in our party today. They gave their home-based corporations an advantage and so should we.

That is why the California Business Roundtable supported this vote, which includes 21 of the largest California-based companies. I put forward my vote in good faith that, in its final form, this bill will be part of a comprehensive regulatory reform package to put Californians back to work. With my vote yesterday I decided to take the side of my constituents and California businesses.

I don't know how well this will sit with voters in CA-36 but given Nestande also is a moderate Republican and formerly worked for both the late Rep. Sonny Bono and former Rep. Mary Bono Mack, Nestande's vote in the CA State Assembly, regardless of his justification, won't win him over any Tea Party "Patriots" or voters, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, here are the links to re-elect Rep. Raul Ruiz in 2014:

Raul Ruiz for Congress:




And...  If you're tired of Darrell Issa and want to support Democratic Candidate Dave Peiser, links below:

Dave Peiser for Congress:





Dave Peiser on the Issues:

Contact Information:  


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