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Harry Reid's getting tough and President Obama has a backbone!  Good cop, bad cop, whatever...the American people seem to approve.  Who knew?  Suddenly, the TeaPeople I know are asking "what Tea Party?"  What a difference a government shutdown and possible default make!

The pendulum is swinging folks!  Reports of people getting insurance and saving thousands of dollars too are surfacing, much to the dismay of the Republicans and their media enablers.  

Pick your favorite Mark Twain quote.  The man never disappoints when it comes to skewering politicians:

Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.
Fleas can be taught nearly anything that a Congressman can.
Patriot: the person who can holler the loudest without knowing what he is hollering about.
If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.
I've lately been repeating to myself and anyone else who will listen to my ramblings that I can't wait for this Obamacare thing to be settled and done with.  The TeaPeople I know (and let's not let them forget it: they're all TeaPeople now) have been insufferable.  Hateful, spiteful, irrational. And unfortunately, among my friends, family and associates, there are quite a few of them.  Over the past few years, I've lost count of the number of times someone has said something so outrageously cruel and hateful that it has caused me to respond with anger and destroyed several relationships.  Afterwards, the sadness has often overwhelmed me.  How can that person say such a thing?

At a client dinner one night, client's friend found it necessary to "school us" with the latest Limbaugh talking points.  Finally, after protestations from everyone, this Tea Partier demanded two minutes to make his case.  Fine, I said, then I get two minutes to make mine.  Holy moly, that was a fun night!  It's a major no-no to do that with clients, but enough is enough. Later, in the kitchen, this man's wife lamented that she doesn't know what has become of her husband.  In her own words, he's a different man than he once was.  Now, and I quote, "he has a black heart".

Yesterday I spent over an hour on the phone with my sister in law, who has recently suffered several losses, dragging her through the NY health exchange.  Low and behold, despite her misgivings and misconceptions, she'll be able to drop her Cobra coverage and save alot of money. Drumroll, please....

From $1700 per $170 per month!
Yes folks, you heard it here first. And still, she's hesitating because she just can't believe it's true after all she's heard.   Sigh.

My husband is a financial planner and at his recent "Connections"  meeting several interesting things developed.  Not that anyone among the hundreds of conservatives even mentioned the TeaParty shutdown, yet, still, it was on everyone's mind I'm sure.  

The featured speaker, a demographer, informed the audience thusly:

I am a republican.  The republican party is dead.  The next time you meet an hispanic person, kiss him on the lips, because he is going to get us out of this mess.
Change or die was the message.  Apparently, at this devastating news, if you were so inclined to drop one, you would have heard the pin hit the ground.  

At his partners meeting afterwards, my husband had the satisfaction of informing his anti-Obamacare associates about the wonders of Obamacare, now that they find themselves and their staffs in an uninsurable position.  Long story short, they work for an insurance company no less, but unless you give the company enough business, sorry, no insurance for you!  He had the biggest shit eating grin on his face while giving out this information to seven partners who have pretty much called him a socialist for 4 years.  One, the only woman in the group, muttered that Obamacare isn't even available in Texas.  Not true he responded, your governor wouldn't set it up but the feds have.

The next morning that same woman pulled my husband aside to tell him: "I'm not a Teapartier, you know.  I'm open minded!"  Uh, huh.  

Yes, thank the Lord, I do believe we're almost past this horrible, embarrassing, tragic and sorrowful Obamacare derangement episode.  Pass the smelling salts please!

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