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I have heard enough. It is time someone answered the Stuart Varney’s of the world and my Libertarian friends who have called Government Workers parasites and worse. As a full disclosure I must state that I have worked in the VA and for a state government (The state’s name starts with an F and ends with an A and has LORID in the middle). At least I did until my job was outsourced to a state prison. Before that I worked for a local business for 24 years until it was sold and the new owners fired all the employees and moved the operation to a different city. So you see I have experience with Republicraps and Plutocraps that is hands on so to speak. Any way I digress. Here is my


The people – let me spell it for you P-E-O-P-L-E  who work for the bad ol’ government are far from being parasites…in fact the vast majority of them are hard working, honest, loving people who are just like you. Do you actually think they/we sat around and said to ourselves “wow, you know working for the citizens of this fair nation sounds like a good scam where we can just do nothing, get a paycheck, and put that money in a box and take it away from everyone else?” That is crazy. The laws need to have someone to work the levers and gears to make our system work. Not to mention all that exorbitant pay (don’t make me laugh) goes for things like food on the table, roofs overhead, clothes for their kids, a little fun once in a while and so on and so on and so on. Guess what, all that ECONOMIC activity helps make your life better too. How many millions of people out of work will it take to show you the fallacy of blowing everything up. Ask Herbert Hoover, he stood by and let the “Mysterious Hand of the Market” work it’s magic and damn near wrecked this country. Thank god for FDR! Today if Government hiring had just followed historical trends following recessions our economy would be perking along just fine. But Nooooooo, the Tea DumbAsses have said this is a bad thing so here we are with our thumbs in our asses watching everything crumble.

Do you actually think Alex Jones, the Koch brothers, or any number of the true parasites in our society (“Everything is awful but you can help by buying an InfoWars coffee cup”) give a rat’s ass about you….remember they worship at the Altar of John Galt who was, by the way, the creation of an adulterous, paranoid, amphetamine addict. Repeat after me Altruism is a vice.

As far as my personal situation, I am not in a position to be choosy about what I do for a living. I happen to live in a town where government is the largest employer and has the best jobs that fit me. I don’t want or need your condescending attitude. I am and will continue to support myself and my family, and my COMMUNITY in the best way I know…which is not to support some never was and never will be “true philosophy” that puts ideological purity before real flesh and blood PEOPLE…as in not parasites.

Finally, who made you guys the final arbiters of what is or isn’t constitutional. The founding fathers never intended that document to be a petrified recipe for government. They knew, because they were wise men, that each generation would and should interpret it to fit the needs of their times. Thomas Jefferson knew this when he said that each generation should have their own revolution and they gave us the vehicle for this…a living breathing Constitution. If you don’t like how it is being interpreted then win the right to interpret it your way. Just because some person (parasite?) with a blog says something is so doesn’t make it so.

A Freedom Loving American

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