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Two women, as shown in a Texas state trooper’s dash cam recording, are probed in their vaginas and rectums by a glove-wearing female officer after a routine traffic stop near Dallas.

A few days later, a second video surfaced. It was an eerily similar scenario, but this time the traffic stop was just outside Houston, and with different troopers. Two women, pulled over for allegedly speeding, are subjected to body cavity searches by a female officer summoned to the scene by a male trooper.

Yells can be heard as the female trooper shoves her gloved finger inside one woman. In both invasive incidents, the female troopers don't change gloves between probes, according to the horrified victims.

Texas state troopers caught on camera probing women's privates aren't isolated incidents: lawyers
New York Daily News
August 2, 2013

There was a humorless irony in the ludicrous panic of the man screaming for help from the police while policemen were all around him. Yossarian smiled wryly at the futile and ridiculous cry for aid, then saw with a start that the words were ambiguous, realized with alarm that they were not, perhaps, intended as a call for police but as a heroic warning from the grave by a doomed friend to everyone who was not a policeman with a club and a gun and a mob of other policemen with clubs and guns to back them up. “Help! Police!” the man had cried, and he could have been shouting of danger.

Joseph Heller

Originally posted to billmon on Tue Aug 06, 2013 at 03:00 PM PDT.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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